Collegiate Relations

ALUMNAE LIFE AFTER COLLEGE: Chi Omega wants to prepare its members for life after college. Chi Omegas have reunions, take vacations together, and meet other Chi Omegas when they move to a new place.

  • Be sure to JOIN the Denver Alumnae of Chi Omega to get involved! CONTACT us for more information and for leadership opportunities!
  • Update Contact Info: CLICK HERE to join the DACO mailing list and our Facebook page. Also be sure to update your email and mailing addresses with the Executive Headquarters. You can do this online at the Chi Omega Everyday site.
  • InCahoots Gatherings: Attention young alumnae and those young at heart! InCahoots has many, fun happy hour events planned this fall! This is a great opportunity to meet and bond with your sisters over a cocktail. If you have any fun ideas or suggestions for or questions about the monthly InCahoots events, please see the EVENTS page.

CHI OMEGA LIFE IN COLLEGE: The state of Colorado is honored and excited to have three active collegiate chapters – all who need our help! Interested in getting involved with a local college chapter? Not sure where to send recruitment information?

  • To download a blank Recruitment Information Forms (RIFS), please go online to Click on the “Documents” tab for
    recruitment forms and a listing of Area Recruitment Information Chair (ARIC), as well as recruitment advisors.
  • For a listing of Area Recruitment Information Chair (ARIC) and recruitment
    advisors to contact for signatures and sending completed RIF forms, please go online to
  • For questions about Colorado schools, please contact Lori Poole and email
    her completed RIF forms (
  • For other non-Colorado schools, please go online to with questions about any other recruitment and for letters of recommendation .


If you are interested in helping with any DACO Collegiate Relations activities,
please contact Lori Poole (

ARE YOU A STUDENT INTERESTED IN RECRUITMENT? If you are a potential new member (PNM) who is involved in the recruitment process at an out-of-state school, please try first to get a recruitment information form (RIF) from a Chi Omega alumnae whom you know personally (such as through your high school, neighbors, churches, community groups, etc.). Much like getting a professional job reference, it’s a good idea to obtain a personal recommendation when possible since the alum will actually know you. If you do not know any local Chi Omega alums, feel free to email a resume and recent picture to Lori Poole (, who will try to forward the information to local Chi Omega alums in your area. (PLEASE NOTE: this is not a guarantee of getting a RIF or a bid from Chi Omega.)



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